Never Have I Felt So Old…

In order to better network as an author (read: shamelessly self-promote), I’ve recently taken a flying leap into the twenty-first century and have tried to embrace the world of social media. I’ve created this blog…I created a Facebook page…I’m planning on creating an account on Twitter…and never in my life have I felt so much like an old man. My students would laugh themselves to the point of tears if they got wind of my ineptitude. So would my wife. Unfortunately, I can’t keep my newly discovered sphere of ignorance a secret from her. I’m counting on her to coach me through this crisis!

I guess it’s for the best that I start trying to catch up with the times now. I’m going to blink and my two-year-old daughter will be a teenager. God only knows what the state of social networking will be when that day comes, but I have a feeling that I damn well better be up to speed when it does.


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