3 Things I’m Doing to Prostitute Myself this Holiday Season

With the holidays approaching and the year rapidly coming to a close, it’s time to reflect. As far as my writing career is concerned, I’m ready to declare 2013 a success. In February, I finally got off my ass and published Rottweiler on the Amazon Kindle. I also started this blog and created a Facebook page for the first time. A few months later, I made the necessary modifications to my manuscript to publish it on Smashwords and to distribute it through their Premium Catalog. On top of all that….and, you know…having another kid and stuff…I managed to find time to develop some new material. Put it all together, and I’d say it adds up to a win.

Now, however, I think it’s time to get a head start on my goals for 2014. Specifically, I need to become more proactive in the prostitution promotion of my writing. As such, I’m going to institute three simple policies on this blog.

1. Generosity

I am offering a FREE copy of Rottweiler to all followers of this blog. That’s right – from now until at least the end of 2014, your reward for taking the time to click FOLLOW is a FREE copy of my debut novel.

Imagine…the power to take ownership of more than three years of my life…and a small piece of my soul on top of it…all available to you for just the click of a mouse!

And if you’re already one of the brave souls following this blog? Take heart because I haven’t forgotten you. Take a moment to contact me via the form at the bottom of this post and I will get back to you right away with information about how to claim your free copy of Rottweiler. Consider it my thank you for making these past ten months on WordPress worthwhile.

2. Reciprocity

Have a book? Trying to generate buzz? To hook new readers? To build a fanbase?

I know that feel, bro.

Since day one, I’ve been toying with the idea of including book reviews on this blog. What better motivation to start than helping out other writers like me? Let’s be honest, Stephen King doesn’t need any more publicity. But aren’t we all desperately searching to expand our readership as we find our way in this brave new publishing industry?

So…you mention/promote/review mine, I’ll do the same with yours! Use the form at the bottom to drop me a line so we can help each other out.

3. Inquiry

Let me tell you just a little bit about me. I was always a gifted/honors/Advanced Placement student. Right now, I teach three periods of Honors/Pre-AP English. So I feel justified in sharing this one tidbit about myself and others like me: We hate (HATE HATE HATE) asking questions. Because we, of course, are supposed to be the ones with all the answers.

So, this is me being a good example, putting my ego in check, and asking all of you: What have you done to promote your work? What has worked and what hasn’t? What can we (ok….what can I) be doing to more effectively reach new readers?

Leave a comment. I’d love to read your thoughts!

Thanks. And – in case I don’t get another chance to say it – happy holidays!



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