Forty(-six) Posts in Forty(-six) Days

Ash Wednesday is upon us, and so begins the season of Lent. Although I’d be lying if I told you I was a good Catholic – I make it to church about as often as I visit my dentist – something about this time of year always speaks to me. I’ll never deny that I’ve led a charmed life, one generally free from major sacrifice (giving up the NFL Network to shave a few bucks from the monthly budget hardly counts). So, part of my motivation is that it’s spiritually gratifying to impose some self-denial on an otherwise embarrassingly easy life. The other part is that, frankly, I love a challenge.

Every lent, I give up sweets. All sweets. For forty-six days. (Christ wouldn’t have let himself off the hook on Sundays, so why should I?). It’s a tall order for a man with a ravenous sweet-tooth and a wife who bakes from scratch, but it’s worth it. And, let’s be real, those Easter morning jelly beans taste ten times better after six-and-a-half weeks cold-turkey.

Some years, I throw myself a curveball. I gave up weight-lifting once. It forced me to drastically increase my running, to get creative about supplementing my resistance training, and to simply get outside more. Win, win and win.

Like I said, I love a challenge. And that’s why I’m writing this now. It’s the first of FORTY-SIX POSTS IN FORTY-SIX DAYS.

I feel like I’ve always been pretty straight-forward about my shortcomings when it comes to blogging and social networking. Although I appreciate this page and what it’s done for me – I’ve written more over the past thirteen months than I had for years prior – I’m still horribly inconsistent at maintaining it. I’m even worse with my Facebook page, which I’ve been known to ignore for months at time. So, this lent, my goal is to post fresh material to each at least forty-six times before Easter.

The rules I’m following are pretty simple:

-No reblogging (my own work or anyone else’s) without making significant changes, additions, or comments.

-Forty-six posts total over the course of the forty-six days (not necessarily one per day).

-Obviously, WordPress sharing links to my blog posts does not count as posting on Facebook.

Call it THE LENTEN CHALLENGE. Who’s in? Drop me a comment and let me know if you want to join the fun.

And if you want to cut the number down to forty, I won’t think any less of you.

As always, thanks for reading.



2 thoughts on “Forty(-six) Posts in Forty(-six) Days

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